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The Elizabeth P. Campbell Legacy Society

The Elizabeth P. Campbell Legacy Society honors the philanthropic leadership and vision of individuals who have provided for the future of WETA by making a legacy gift. Legacy gifts include:

  • Gifts made through a will or living trust
  • Retirement plans or life insurance policies that name WETA as a beneficiary
  • Gifts that provide income for life, such as charitable gift annuities and charitable remainder trusts

If you have already made a gift to WETA in your will, trust, or retirement plan, please tell us so we can thank you today and welcome you into the Legacy Society.

Learn more about benefits of membership in the Elizabeth P. Campbell Legacy Society.

WETA established the Elizabeth P. Campbell Legacy Society to honor our late founder Elizabeth Campbell, who guided WETA for more than 40 years.

"When I founded WETA, few believed it would become one of the Washington area's most valued and essential institutions. Yet, there is much to be done in making the best use of public broadcasting's power to educate the young and to stimulate learning in all Americans.

"If you share my dream, a bequest to our endowment will help secure WETA's future. Please join with me in ensuring that WETA will always be an integral part of the educational and cultural life of our country and the greater Washington community."

– Elizabeth P. Campbell, Founder of WETA

WETA gratefully honors those individuals who have named WETA as a beneficiary in a will, trust, retirement plan, life insurance policy, or through a life income gift that benefits WETA in years to come.

Ms. Ann Abbott

Mr. and Mrs. William J. Ackerman

Ms. Leslie A. Adams

Ms. Nancy Adams

Mary Carolyn Adler

Ms. Barbara A. Allen Esq.

Hank and Debbie Allen

John and Susan Allen

Ms. Arlene M. Alligood

Dr. JoAnn Alspach

Dr. Diane Apostolos-Cappadona

Ms. Zaida Arguedas

Mrs. Lucy Arkin

Dr. Bill S. Ashley

Janet T. Augustine

Mr. Maurice Axelrad

Dr. Leona L. Bachrach

Susanne (Susie) Bachtel

Reverend Gayle E. Bach-Watson

Mr. Ross Baldick

Jo Ann Post Barlow

Lena S. Barnett, Esq.

The Honorable Charlene Barshefsky and Mr. Edward B. Cohen

Louise and Jerry Battist

Mr. Jeffrey P. Beaty

Esther Hoshall Beaumont

Nan Beckley

Ms. Marila Belcher

Ms. Susan Bell

Nancy L. Benco

Megan and Donald Beyer

Ms. Mary E. Bielefeld

Ms. Kit Bigelow

Ms. Mary C. Blake

Ms. Jody Blatt

Mr. Barry M. Blechman

Ms. Linda Bogaczyk

Teresa Ann Bohan

Dr. Jean Bolan

Ms. Deborah A. Bombard

Mr. Norton Boothe

Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Borner

Joan Boros

Mr. Norton Boothe

Mr. and Ms. Antony Botto

Mr. E. Sanford Branscomb

Ms. Joyce K. Breiner and Mr. David S. Yaney

Dr. Mimi Bres

Bonnie and Jere Broh-Kahn

Ms. Elizabeth P. Brown

Hays R. Browning

Phyllis Bruns

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis R. Bruns

Dr. Dale R. Buchanan

Mr. James C. Burks

John P. Cahill

Mr. Geoffrey Caldwell

Bob and Monte Campbell

Mr. Gerald and Mrs. Cecelia Cannizzaro

Michael and Kristina Caplin

Ms. Norma Carey

Sally Caulfield

Rita V. Champagne

Dr. Anne Page Chiapella

Mrs. Joan M. Choppin

Ms. Mary Chor

Marty R. Christy

Michael Jay Chusmir and Deborah McPherson Chusmir

David Clark

Ms. Nancie S. Coan

The Honorable Charlene Barshefsky and Mr. Edward B. Cohen

Ms. Susan Cohn

Nancy E. Gwinn and John Y. Cole, Jr.

Mr. Donald A. Collins

James M. Compton Col USA (Ret)

Dr. Anne P. Constant

Catherine M. Cortes

Veronica Crawford-Robinson

Dr. Rufus Creekmore

Mr. William G. Dakin

Ms. Ann Daly

Helen I. Daniel

Captain Joan E. Darrah, USN (Ret) and Ms. Lynne Kennedy

Ms. Kathy Day

Mrs. Alexandra de Borchgrave

Bill DeGraff

Ms. Debra N. Diener

Donna M. DiFelice **

Susan DiGiacinto

Mr. and Mrs. Peter DiGiovanni

Mrs. Margaret Dong

Mrs. Vera Donskoy

Katherine A. Downs

Mr. Kenneth B. Dreyfuss

Mrs. Betty Dukert

Ms. Chantal Dukette

James N. Duley

Ms. Beverly Dunson **

Eugene and Joan Durman

Ms. Judith Edstrom

Eddie and Rachel Eitches

Debbie Eliason

Sarah G. Epstein and Donald A. Collins

Ms. Megan Evans

Mr. and Mrs. Roger Eve

Barbara and Martin Faga

Vic Fazio and Kathy Sawyer

Christine M. Feinthel

Henrietta Fielek

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Fina

Joseph V. Fischer

Leo Fisher and Sue Duncan

Ms. Sherry Fisher

Mr. and Mrs. J. Roger Fleming

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Folgate

Ms. Linda Fomenko

Ms. Susan Fox

Dr. Esther Foxe

Ms. Kathleen T. Frankle

Biff and Paula Franks

Mrs. Barbara J. Fritzler

Yolande Frommer

Mary E. Furlow

Ms. Judith M. Garth

Ms. Helen Gaul

Mrs. Joyce L. Gayle

Mr. Harry George III

Mr. Edward F. Gerber

Rose Gerke

Ms. Evelyn Gettys

Dr. Douglas E. Gill

Ms. Marjorie Givarz

Mrs. Chareclia Gjoni

Louis B. Godio, Jr. **

Ms. Ellen Goldstein

Mr. Stephen Goodell

Mr. and Ms. Hugh Goodwin

Sandra Goshgarian

Mary G. Gotschall

R. Michael Gotwald

Ms. Marie Gozzi

Mr. Joseph R. Green

Mr. Owen Greenblatt

Burton S. Greenstein

Mr. and Mrs. Bernardo Guiliano

Mr. Thomas Gutnick

Dr. Helene N. Guttman

Ms. Nancy E. Gwinn and John Y. Cole, Jr.

Dr. Lee P. Haacker

Barbara and Bob Hall

John and Julie Hamre

Susan Harding

Mr. Richard E. Hardy

Angela and Sarjeet Harpalani

Bull Run Philosophical Society

Ms. Betsy A. Harris

Dr. Polly F. Harrison

Mr. John F. Harvey

Ms. Florence H. Hein

Connie Heller

Adrienne Hensley

Mr. Chip Hines

Ms. Carlan Hinnant

Amanda MacKenzie Hobart

Mrs. Anne S. Hobbs

Mr. and Mrs. Caswell O. Hobbs III

Margaret Hodges

Mr. and Mrs. William B. Hoffman

Michael N. Hofman and Janet M. Moyer **

Mr. John B. Horner *

Ms. Sharon L. House

Mr. Charles Hrebenach

Ms. Christiane Gigi Hyland

Ms. Elizabeth A. Ingalls

Ms. Janet R. Inscore-Boswell

Virginia Ivin

Mr. Robert E. Jamroz

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Jasper

Louise Jenne

Mr. George Jett

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Johnson

Mary Johnson **

Stephanie W. Kanwit

Mrs. Carol Kaplan

Dr. Arthur M. Katz and Ms. Sima R. Osdoby

Danette Gentile Kauffman

Mrs. Margot Kelly

Captain Joan E. Darrah, USN (Ret) and Ms. Lynne Kennedy

Barbara Kernan

Randolph N. Kerr

Peter and Sharon Kissel

Drs. Susan and Perry Klein

Mr. Peter R. Kolker

Jane B. Kolson

Mr. Kenneth A. Kopp

Dr. Helen M. Kramer

Ms. Daphna Krim and Mr. Sergio Kapfer

Dr. and Mrs. Peter J. Kuch

Carolyn Kulisheck

Ms. Suzanne Kuser

Ellen J. LaBelle

Ms. Sheryl Lahti

Mr. and Mrs. Dave Lambert

Ms. Anne E. Lamond

Jean and John Lange

Dr. Deirdre LaPin

Mrs. Helen Large

Ms. Katie Largent

Mrs. Doris R. Lavine

Dr. William and Christine Leahy

Violetta Lechpammer

Myriam Lechuga

Susan Lee

Mr. Joseph Leech

Harvey I. Leifert

Dr. and Mrs. Anthony W. Lentine

Ms. Rosemarie N. Lentini

Lynne and Joseph Lentz, Jr.

Lee N. Leonhardy

Mr. and Mrs. Maury Lieberman

Ms. Eleanor L. Linkous

Mr. Joseph W. Lowell, Jr.

Mr. Roy Lykes

Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. MacKensen

Dr. Arlene P. Maclin

Mr. Roy Markon and Ms. JoAnn Markon

Mr. C. W. Martin

Mary C. Massey

Ms. Ann P. Matheson

Gerald E. Mayer

Rebecca E. Quirk

Constance R. McAdam

Moya McAllister

Ms. Phyllis A. McCulley and Mr. John Shebalin

Dr. Patricia McNeil *

Mr. Michael P. Meller

Sally Merten

Richard A. Michaelson

Dr. Mary Miller

Mr. Paul Miller

Ms. Mary Ann Milosavich

Ms. Linda C. Minnick

Nell Minow and David Apatoff

Mr. Brinton Minshall

Dr. Susan and Mr. Michael Mintzer **

Robert I. Misbin MD

Dr. Michael C. Mocknick

Mr. Jeff Moreno and Dr. William Simcoke

Ann Moser and Dan Minnich

Dr. Thomas M. Mould

Joan Moumbleaux

Ms. Thelma S. Mrazek

Ms. Kathryn V. Myers

Ms. Joy Myers and Mr. Tom Barnett

Ms. Michelle Newberry

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Nigon

Mr. Michael F. Nigro, Jr.

Sandy Northrop

Mr. Peter Novick

Mr. Jon F. O'Connor

Mr. Richard Ogden and Mrs. Laura Ogden

Ms. Beatriz M. Oliveira

Mr. Warren Oliveri, Jr. and Ms. McGennis Williams

Onufrak Family Trust

Kenneth and Barbara Orski

Ms. Nancy Ostrowski

Ms. Lynda O'Sullivan

Marina and David Ottaway

Mrs. Mary Anne Paesch

Christopher Pankow

James C. Burks / Dr. Bette Jane Pappas

Dr. James D. Parker

Joan Parsons

Susan M. Pearce

Ms. Maria J. Pereira DaSilva

Ms. Anne H. Peschel

Ms. Robin Phillips

Ms. Marca Piehuta

Lilly & David Pierce

Mr. Benjamin M. Plotkin

Maj. Gen. (Ret.) Gale S. Pollock

Ms. Marianne Poon

Ms. Jean Porte

Jeanne W. and Ronald M. Powell

Kevin Powers

Bonnie and John Priebe

Mr. Walter B. Quetsch

Silvia Quevedo

Mr. Whayne S. and Ursula Quin

Ms. Rebecca E. Quirk

Marjorie B. Rachlin

Ms. Audrey Rasmussen

Lisa Joan Reardon

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Reece

Ms. Carol A. Reich

Mr. Jean-Paul Richard

Margaret P. Riesz

Ms. Patricia A. Riley

Ms. Susan E. Roberts

Mr. and Ms. Craig Roberts

Ms. Grace Robinowitz

Sharon Percy Rockefeller and Senator John D. Rockefeller IV

Mr. Kenneth C. Rogers

Mr. Alvin Ross

Mr. Douglas Alan Ross

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Rothkopf JD

Mrs. Geraldine Rottenberg

Ms. Ruth Roush

Harvey Rudolph

Mrs. Cynthia Rufty

Mary Jane Ruhl

Ms. Patricia Runco

Ms. Carol Ruppel

Ms. Roxanne Russell

Rosanne Russo

Mr. Eric Ryans

Pat Sachs

Mr. Ebenezer O. Sackey

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Sale

William Schenck

Dr. and Mrs. Paul Schlein

Ms. Suzanne E. Schuerman

Ms. Cordellia R. Scruggs

Gene F. Seevers

Ms. Myrna Seidman

Mr. and Mrs. William H. Shawn

Mr. John Shebalin

Anne and Mark Shields

Andrew Shreeves and Rose Hirschel **

Mr. William Simcoke III

Mrs. Sarah Sloan

Antonia Browning Smiley

Ms. Carole Smith

Dr. Denis Webb and Dr. Barbara Sollner-Webb

Dr. Sonja Sperlich

Ms. Helen P Starr

Mrs. Joan Stogis

Mr. Joseph Stoltz

Thomas H. Stutzman

Mr. David Sweet

Ms. Duchess A. Swift

Mrs. Nancy E. Symington

Mrs. Ellen Talbert-Miller

Mrs. Linda K. Tang

Soraya Tarrant

Alison Blair Taylor

Ms. Terri L. Tedford

Paula S. Thiede and C. Wakefield Martin

Lynette Wardle and Henry B. Thomas

Darlene K. Thomas

Ms. Lillian M. Thomas

Mr. Donald H. Timian

Ms. Ann Tognetti

Ina A. Smith-Tornberg

Ms. Annette Totten

Judith Ann Towle

Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence Tremonti

Mr. Rick Trevino and Mr. William Pearson

Ms. Susan M. Troccolo

Mrs. Ellen Tuttle

Mr. Tom Unruh and Ms. Jill White **

Ms. Joan Utterback

Ms. Carmela C. Vetri

Sandy Vogelgesang

Donald and Katherine Vore

Dr. and Mrs. Robert B. Wallace

Dr. Karen Wallace

Mrs. Susan B. Wallace

Mrs. Betty Wallace

Renate Wallenberg

Ms. Mary Walter

Richard and Bonnie Wan

Mr. Ronald Wassel

Linda J. Watson

Mr. Michael and Mrs. Susan Webb

Dr. Denis Webb and Dr. Barbara Sollner-Webb

Mr. Richard E. Wegner

Mr. Robert Wein

Mr. Michael Weinreb

Adam Weisler **

Mr. Rupert Welch and Ms. Elizabeth Donnelly

Glenn Welde

Mr. and Mrs. David Wellman

Sally Wells

Ms. Donna M. Wilcox

Ms. Sandra Wilkinson

Ms. Diane D. Williams

Dr. Antoinette Winklerprins

Ms. Janet Wishner

Mr. Robert Witajewski

Mrs. Carol Witt

Mrs. Judy Lyons Wolf

Mr. Robert Wolpert

Mrs. Carol Wong

Ms. Rebecca Wood

Ms. Judy Woodruff and Mr. Al Hunt

Mr. Jeffrey Woodruff

Ms. Wendy Woods-Pallett

Ellen Wormser

Mr. David S. Yaney

Mr. George Yin and Ms. Mary Walter

Xiaodong Zhang

Mr. Victor Zitel

Mr. Richard B. Zorn Mr. David Poff

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